Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vietnam: Quang Nam Province Update

There has been confusion in Quang Nam Province. Here are some notes I have:
Wednesday, 12/05/2010, 14:36
TP - Day 11-5, Pham Hong Linh Thanh, Head of Epidemiology - Department of Animal Health in Quang Nam province, said: "Disease outbreaks in pigs in Binh Dao, Thang Binh district in April is not translated Blue ear pig. FMD virus types of mass death has not yet discovered."
According to test results of the regional veterinary offices IV, the samples in Binh Dao dead pigs were negative for blue ear pig viruses in pigs and cholera.
Disease outbreaks in pigs in Binh Dao, Thang Binh district (Quang Nam) in mid-April, killing more than 40 pigs

The test samples infected pigs in Quang Nam province is negative for blue ear disease.

Currently, there are 12 provinces of Hai Duong, Thai Binh, Thai Nguyen, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Quang Nam, Nam Dinh, Ha Nam, Lang Son and Nghe An untreated ear diseases 21 days.

Free green ear broke out in Hai Duong province in late March, has now spread to 130 communes, wards and towns in 19 districts, nine towns of the province of the Red River Delta region and
Quang Nam province

The Department of Animal Health, on the blue ear pig appeared in nine provinces and the Red River Delta region is: Hai Duong, Thai Binh, Thai Nguyen, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Hanoi , Quang Nam and Nam Dinh.

May 13, 2010
Near this month, a private herd was disease and death in Binh Dao (Thang Binh) to pig farmers in the province of confusion. Landscape busiest day in market swine Ba Ren (Ren Ba village, a commune of Xuan Que, Que Son) also fall into the tedious hours, mild understand by volume sellers and buyers at the margins.

The time for pig trading activities take place most exciting markets Ba Ren is about 8 am, but this month has slipped into near humid landscape, activity in moderation. Market neighborhood filled container bamboo pig baskets stacked in high piles. On the way concrete is on the market only four baskets piglets, located about 20 pigs in baskets scolded. Some women also sat quietly selling pork. Tran Thi Hong, a small business selling pork varieties, said: "Before, every day of pig on market fluctuations over the thousands of children, the day is also very much only about 300 pigs on the same market. Number of people to purchase less permanently, markets only work in moderation. "

Control service

Even after many herd information in the commune of Binh Dao suddenly become infected, die with the same symptoms stop eating, body flushed ..., Thang Binh district leaders have asked relevant government and social Binh Dao quickly deploy the same series of strong measures to control, extinguish the epidemic. In addition to establishing key points to tight control block the transport of pigs from the service, trade ban, slaughter and consumption of pork and pork products are also immediately proclaimed. Thanks to the aggressive forces of the local branch of shock and youth social scene rampant pork sold in markets Tea threats and some other places have been completely flattened. In particular, due emphasis to promote advocacy, awareness raising among the population, the situation properly dispose of dead pigs in Binh Dao does not happen as the first outbreak.

At noon yesterday (12-5), speaking with reporters in Quang Nam, Nguyen Thanh Nam - Vice Director Chi Quang Nam Department of Animal Health said in addition to sending forces Binh Dao technical support veterinary officials and government social prevention and control units for emergency hospital has spent much of Thang Binh engines and pumps more than 1,200 liters of chemicals Benkocid to implement sanitation work regularly pens, pepper spray independent, large-scale disinfection to urgently curb the spread of the virus. After quickly destroying infected pigs 41 of 26 farming households are now within a half months (from 29-4 to 12-5) in the commune of Binh Dao arising not add any new outbreak. Nam said: "By this time the disease can be confirmed on the herd in Binh Dao has been basically put under control".

However, Mr Nam launched a information are very worrying: Central Regional Animal Health 4 (closed in TP. Danang, attached to the Department of Animal Health Central - MARD) has announced, all four samples taken on infected herd in Binh Dao service sent out for testing were negative for the virus that causes blue ear disease and cholera. But when doing the 2nd test in the first four pieces of this positive virus Streptococcus. According to Australia, Streptococcus disease is more dangerous than the blue ear. This virus spreads very fast, devastating, especially longer a serious threat to human health. Functional agencies warned in the days ahead if farmers, local authorities and relevant agencies showed loose in the prevention of virus outbreaks and will be re-spread out wide.

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