Thursday, October 7, 2010

South Balikpapan Most Severe

Thursday, October 7, 2010, 09:20:00
Dead chickens Disposed on the River, and stockpiled Vice Mayor Ask Burned

BALIKPAPAN-The spread of bird flu virus more widespread in the city of Balikpapan. South Aberdeen Area is the area most severely. It is said Camat South Balikpapan Sutadi. He dared to say that 75 percent of its territory has been attacked by bird flu disease.

Only those who have not looked at the village of Telaga Sari Ulu and Kelurahan Klandasan. "In most villages in South Aberdeen this virus," he explained while socializing the bird flu virus in RT 31, Wednesday (6 / 10).

He continued, was allegedly spreading the virus is commonly called H5NI circulating since the fasting month, when the chicken meat consumption in Balikpapan City rose sharply. "I still concentrate first on my territory affected by this virus and prevent it together with relevant agencies," he said.

Through this socialization, Nurlenawati vet said, that many dead chickens dumped in the river Sepinggan plus around the existing river swamp garden owned by residents. "If the AI virus in the lake water temperature of 22 º C remained infective for 4 days, when the temperature is 0 º C hold for 30 days and remain infective," he said.

Himself appealed for people not to buy chickens that therein is contained jerohan or content such as chicken liver, intestinal and other bile, while safe to eat his own flesh. "Home cooked the right way then this virus will die, if people do not buy chicken outlets in which there is jerawannya," he said.

Himself explained, to prevent the possibility of AI disease dipemukiman, it is recommended not to do maintenance or cultivation of the poultry in crowded neighborhoods, which also maintains duck so as not to merge them with chicken because the ducks carrying the virus best and quickly spread to other birds, because the symptoms in ducks not visible.

"Rinse the cage with a liquid such as water disenfektan laundry soap and keep the environment clean," he explained. Meanwhile, the RT 31 Suroso said the chickens are in their environment is being carried out destruction, although the owner of the chicken itself dear to his chickens.

"Like a pack katannya Camat affection or love lives of chickens, I also urge the community to a chicken to give it voluntarily," he said. Himself added the last two weeks the virus began to attack the chicken farm owned by citizens, there are also dead chicken and a few days later one wargannya experiencing high heat, when this is being done obesrvasi.

"After receiving my report directly report to Mr. pack headman headman and responsive at all, then coordinated to the relevant agencies, village heads and subdistrict health centers and related offices, too eradicate the birds in the area of RT 31," he said.

Head of Puskesmas Kelurahan drg Sitoresmi Peace, said that there was indeed one of the residents in RT 31 indicated the bird flu, but when the flu is a negative review. "The sample we sent to South Kalimantan and is expected not positive of this disease," he concluded.

Related to the poultry that died suddenly, Deputy Mayor (Vice Mayor) Balikpapan HM Rizal Effendi SE asking for the public to submit immediately to the officer. Vice Mayor also asked the residents, if found dead chickens, do not throw it in the trash, river, or in random places.

"If there are dead chickens, dig a hole. And chickens that died were burned and then backfilled soil. This is to avoid the spread of bird flu virus, "said Vice Mayor Rizal Effendi.

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