Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Veterinary": Ministry of Health laboratories are not equipped to check imported meat

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 - 15:25

Egypt's candidate in the coming period for the settlement of bird flu patients and pigs

Dr Sami Taha, a member of the Board of Veterinary Association, that the Ministry of Health lacks the mechanisms and techniques for the detection and discrimination of pork and livers if they are mixed with meat, cows, livers imported, especially after the cessation of the work of laboratories of the Institute of Animal Health Research to examine the meat under the letter issued by the Authority of Veterinary Medicine to the General Authority for the control of exports and imports.

Taha said that Egypt is a candidate in the coming period for the settlement of bird flu patients and pigs, especially after the high intensity of infection and death among people in different provinces, and expressed my fears of viral mating birds, pigs, and the emergence of strains are more dangerous to human life and animals.

And Taha in a statement to the "seventh day" and a large amount of pigs district facility Nasser after he fell combing operations in search of them because of confrontations between police, educators, pointing out that he was smuggling large numbers of them to the different provinces, demonstrating that there are Hnazer dead in the provinces
East and North Delta level.

Taha pointed out that the wave of influenza that has ravaged poultry farms is reminiscent of the wave that hit the country in February 2005.

Taha and wondered: Why did you depart the Veterinary Medicine for the direct supervision of poultry farms? Sufficient to obtain samples by the Central Laboratory for the control of poultry production, while the spread in which two types of influenza infection citizens pigs and birds?!

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