Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garut endemic bird flu

Sunday, February 27, 2011 15:02 pm

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta - Animal Husbandry Department Garut regency, West Java, declaring the area as endemic or where the spread of H5N1, aka bird flu. Office of basing his statement on the number of residents who died of chicken infected with bird flu virus last sebulah.

Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Dida K. Endang said two people were still treated in hospitals Garut for allegedly contracting the bird flu virus, the Animal Husbandry Department officials initials EK and 9-month-old baby initials LN. "The spread of bird flu virus is quite high," the head of the Animal Husbandry Department Garut was on Sunday (27 / 2).

According to him, nearly 42 sub-districts in Garut had contracted the bird flu virus. Of these, only four districts that freed the Cisewu, Bungbulang, Telegong and Cibalong. Based on his notes, since 2006 there are at least 75 positive cases of bird flu in poultry deaths reach 3 thousand heads. The spread of the virus occurred in 48 villages of 38 districts.

The bird flu virus in Garut District, appeared in 2006. The first case occurred in the subdistrict of Cikelet. Virus epidemic due to the low participation of the community. Many of the residents dispose of chicken carcasses in pond and river. This allows the virus spread to other animals and humans."The pattern of clean and healthy living in the community is still lacking," said Dida.

Besides socializing, Dida added, in anticipation of the outbreak of bird flu virus, has prepared 100 liters of liquid disinfectant to spray the cage birds and alerting four veterinarians.

Head of Communicable Diseases Garut Health Office, Dede Rohmansyah, said thousands of people susceptible to contracting the virus of avian influenza or bird flu, following outbreaks of the H5N1 virus in poultry. He urged residents to use a mask or cover your nose.

Local governments also distribute about 5 thousand tamiflu to each health center for handling temporary. "I hope that residents maintain a healthy environment. We also continue to examine the health of 14-days in areas such as positive for bird flu in Banyuresmi, "he said.

Data Garut Health Office, said the five positive cases of bird flu, four of them dead. The patient suspect bird flu was recorded 51 cases, five people died and two treated in hospitals Garut.

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