Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garut Regency Poultry Annihilate Urged

Sunday, February 27, 2011 20:09 pm

GARUT - MICOM: Parliament urges government Garut Garut immediate culling of poultry in the district Banyuresmi, although local residents rejected their chickens destroyed.

"The occurrence of rejection was because the government is not maximized in the conduct socialization to the community," said Chairman of Commission D of the DPRD Kabupaten Garut, Dr. Helmi Budiman, Sunday (27 / 2).

The refusal of citizens Banyuresmi, according to Helmi is a challenge for the government to strive to take reasonable precautions to prevent bird flu outbreak spread to other areas as well as infectious in humans. The urge to the government, asserted Helmi after the two men who entered the isolation room of Dr Congratulations Garut suspected bird flu virus.

"Transmission of avian influenza to humans has been only still conjecture, but as victims of society should become the new patients treated in the isolation room," said Helmi.

He hopes the government made efforts to comprehensive action or approach to the community so that the chickens or other poultry type animals would be submitted and destroyed.

According to him, the only way in deciding Spread Of H5N1 virus among poultry and birds to humans that is only by way of culling poultry. "If there are residents who refused to give up chicken, then the government is not maximized are socializing, that human life is more important than the chicken," said Helmi

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