Saturday, June 18, 2011

Egypt H5N1: 3 spots for the emergence of avian influenza Menoufia


Dr Ahmed Fuad, the director of Veterinary Medicine, Menoufia, the emergence of three new positive foci of infection with bird flu center Ashmoun.
He developed the first case a house belonging to Mohammed Mr. Sharkawi, from the village Samadon and the second case, the home of the citizen Fawzi Zaki Abdel Latif, from Ezbet Abou Youssef belonging to the village Shatanof The third situation the home of Atif Rashad Imran, from the village of Manial bride result education at home, where he was taking a sample of birds household and sent to central laboratories and were positive on a sample.
Fouad said, that such focus has been discovered through field tests conducted by the Directorate and turned out to be domestic breeding birds have been culled and vaccinated birds nearby to prevent the spread of the disease.

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