Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fourth death in the family ... even suspected outbreak

2011-06-14 22:43
Unknown cause of deaths from severe lung infections came again.

Is already the fourth.

Within the family, as well as suspected cases of disease have been confirmed.

Treat severe lung infections of unknown cause batdeon 36-year-old mother has died, Mr. Mo Park.

The fourth is already dead.

Pregnancy 36 juyeotdeon second night he visited the hospital last March after the forced birth symptoms deteriorated and received single lung transplantation, acute rejection superimposed appeared to have died after the hemorrhage complications.

Family of suspected cases were reported in the outbreak.

26-year-old mother and 23-month-old son, late last month, health authorities are conducting investigations.

However, closure was not different in patients who are found extensive damage to the specificity.

The severe lung inflammation in the bronchiole, causing what, but a relatively good condition because the alveoli.

Maternal health authorities because of the severe lung disease is committed to clarify whether or not.

[Interview: gwonjunuk, Health and Welfare Policy Division of the disease]
"After the biopsy to obtain lung tissue into microscopic pathological lesions show no difference whether that analysis of some of the work will be done."

Check out the results dekkajineun seems to take about two weeks.

Deaths occurred in a row, and suspected cases reported to the family When my disease, public health authorities to expand the monitoring target is the intention of supporting academic research.

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