Friday, March 16, 2012

Indonesia: Toddler Suspected #Birdflu Merged With Others

Bima, (SM). - Anticipating the spread of the virus H5NI less serious attention to the Milky Hospital and Regional Government. Because the toddler is suspected (suspected) infected with bird flu patients admitted to join with the public.

Direct observation of this paper, the three patients with suspected bird flu from Bima Bima City and newly admitted two days, patients treated with other public hospitals in the Milky child care.
Should be, patients who otherwise are suspected to have contracted the virus H5NI treated separately alias patients isolated with other general. The family and other visitors as well, should not mingle.
This must be done as an effort to anticipate the spread of deadly virus that is ready to kill the victim in every moment of it. That is, not should not be allowed to happen.
Head of the Milky Hospital emergency room dr. H. Sucipto who asked for an explanation, admit patients who otherwise suspected bird flu is not treated separately alias isolated by other public patients. Sucipto confirmed, patients should have been declared suspected bird flu is treated separately. Do not join the general patient care and do not mingle with others.
Medical personnel who treated the victim was, he said, should be set one or two people. It is part of an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. "If you blend in like this, spread more easily," he said.
He acknowledged, in hospitals Bima no special room for treatment of patients who contracted the virus, such as bird flu suspect patients. "Maybe in the near future there is concern of all parties," he said.
He hoped that the H5NI virus so as not to be underestimated. Because, when it attacked the man, the death rate and the spread of disease is very dangerous. Should be prevented early on.
Has there been blood sampling? Sucipto said, his knowledge there has not been done taking blood samples of patients with suspected, either by the hospitals and by Public Health Service Bima.
According to him, taking blood samples of patients with suspected bird flu shall be taken. Because to know for certain whether medically tested positive for bird flu or not. (SM 06)

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