Friday, April 27, 2012

The death of a doctor epidemic hospital yesterday evening, the blue government

AM 27-04-2012 01:53 AM

Ahmed Erekat - a special - .. The death of a doctor from Doctors Hospital blue state in the Prince Hamzah Hospital in the evening yesterday approved 26/4/2012 to be the second death of epidemic hospital blue mysterious and martyr of the last neglect the Ministry of Health and the hospital administration in dealing with the epidemic, which deal with the Minister former health conscience is dead,

where these style media blackout did not perform his duty career as a physician and minister to besiege the epidemic and educate the people as it should,
as it suffers medical staff in a hospital in the blue state of shock as well as horror and a sense of oppression after the loss of two colleagues
because of the epidemic as a result to underestimation of the hospital administration and the Minister of Health to deal with him as they are now, they say (waiting) and confirmed that the sterilization process that is said about them to the hospital included the Office of the Director of the hospital and the rest of the rooms department only,
while not sterilize the rest of the vital facilities in the hospital, which is usually crowded with patients and were receiving reprimand from the staff of the hospital administration and health personnel if they put masks on their faces, and in our appreciation that the Minister of Health ran a dead conscience crisis, fearing for tourism season in Jordan and the national income that you earn in this country and be a man we have our most expensive ..

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