Friday, August 31, 2012

Egypt: Implement Program Against Stray Dogs, Seminars for FMD, Avian Influenza

August 30, 2012
Implementation of the program against stray dogs in order to preserve the safety of citizens in the lake, Eng Mukhtar Hamalawy Governor lake on the need to focus on livestock health and care to increase their productivity and provide safe animal protein to the citizens of the province.In this regard, the Department of Veterinary Medicine during the period from 08/16/2012 till 08/31/2012 AD organized convoys all villages and centers to maintain and further intensify the number of committees spraying committees group therapy for sheep stations "Damanhur - Kafr El Dawar - Itai gunpowder - Hosh Issa - Rahmaniya - Aldlnecat - Hbrakhitt - Abu Matamir - Wadi Natrun - Abu Homs - EDCO - Rasheed - Liberation - Kom Hamada - MAHMUDIYA - Ganaklis ", in coordination between the Department of Public Health and Zoonoses and manage veterinary care directorate and the local units of these centers as well as the Department of Public Health and Disease joint implementation of the anti-stray dogs planned centers and cities of the province in order to preserve the safety of citizens.On the other hand, the Department of veterinary extension directorate implementing a series of seminars indicative at agricultural associations villages and hamlets maintain targeted awareness jam animals and train them on how to interest the animal and the reduction of disease outbreaks, including seminars "FMD - Avian Influenza and livestock insurance blood parasites" and aimed the seminars to reduce the spread of diseases.

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