Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Indonesia: Bengkulu Goats Attacked by Viruses or Bacteria - Die Off

27 AUGUST 2012

Villagers Ulak,  merigi klindang district wide middle bengkulu sudden uproar, with the death of dozens of tails of goats are known to be attacked by viruses or bacteria.  As a result, blind goat to death.
The last two weeks has been more than 30 goats wide Ulak villagers are dead, and more than 20 birds had to be cut, 15 tails for sale, as well as dozens more missing.
This virus attacks initially cause the eyes are blind sheep, goats residents to experience stress and lead to death.
Office of the castle farms through farm field or ppl officer, has been doing business pembrantasan virus that attacked dozens of goats. Whole goat shed and injected drugs by officers.
According to residents, this event is the first time they have experienced, to cause panic and ranchers suffered losses slightly.

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