Friday, August 17, 2012

Vietnam: H5N1 in Nghia Hanh, Quang Ngai Province

Nhan Dan Online-afternoon 17-8, District Veterinary Station Nghia Hanh (Quang Ngai) said it had destroyed 1,500 birds tested positive for the H5N1 virus.

Veterinary Station of Nghia Hanh District detect poultry disease in 2 farms of Ho Nhu Tuan, in areas Agreement Pho Nam, Hanh Trung and Nguyen Quy village in the province of Phu Nam, Hanh Minh, Nghia Hanh District. Nghia Hanh veterinary stations were directly taken 18 samples at 6 dead duck farms have sent the Regional Veterinary Center IV (Danang) test. The results showed that 6 of the 18 samples positive for the H5N1 flu virus.

Currently Nghia Hanh District directed the authorities to urgently localized outbreaks, spray disinfection, sterilization to limit disease spread on a large scale.

According to the Center for Preventive Medicine Quang Ngai, from the beginning of the year, the province has not happened to bird flu. This is the first case in Nghia Hanh appeared H5N1 flu in poultry must be destroyed, zoning objectives coincide, detoxify limited spread ...

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