Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vietnam: Health Services of the provinces to strengthen monitoring

Health staff redundant staff of local veterinary closely monitor bird flu.

According to the Veterinary Department of Hai Phong, far, bird flu broke out in 18 households, in 9 communes, 5 districts / counties, An Lao, Vinh Bao, Kien Thuy, Kien An, Yang Kinh.Tong increments took sick, death and destruction of the Hai Phong area up to 68,250 ducks. Mr. Phan Trong Khanh, Director of Hai Phong Department of Health said in the first year in implementing the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and City People's Committee, plans to prevent bird flu has been the health centers and hospitals proactive planning, budget, training for health workers and local supervision. Currently, the health sector has directed medical communes in the districts in the area affected by bird flu, in collaboration with veterinary staff to master the dead bird, mobilizing people and actively report provide leaflets to hand people, warned of the dangers of bird flu spreads to humans.


Form a team of shock include anti-militia service, youth, veterinary, medical, police, to spray environmental disinfection or destruction of infected poultry, live at the checkpoints . Communal People's Committees are responsible to direct the adjacent commune health situation.

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