Saturday, October 6, 2012

Indonesia: Bengkulu Residents Haunted Bird Flu

 October 7, 2012
Hundreds of residents of the village of Lawang Periukan Water District Court yesterday (3/10), made of anxiety. Because they feared the people in the village have spread bird flu (avian influenza). With the discovery of 5 chickens died suddenly.
Five chickens, owned by the Great Suryadi Lawang village residents were found dead suddenly behind his chicken coop. Recognition Suryadi, his new chickens were found dead yesterday (3/10) morning when they wanted to be fed. Suryadi astonishment, as she watched the 5 tails ayamnnya was lying lifeless on the back of the cage.
"I used every morning to feed my chickens this. But this morning when I saw the cage, I have 5 chickens lying dead just behind the cage, "said Suryadi.
Fearing the death of chickens due to bird flu attack, Suryadi immediately took steps to report the incident to the chief. Lawang village chief Agung and its apparatuses, shortly after learning that, immediately report the incident to the Extension Officer (PPL) of the Department of Agriculture, Agriculture and Veterinary Office Seluma.
Officers arriving interval of one hour after it was reported. PPL Officer upon arrival at the location immediately perform surgery and take a sample of one of five chicken carcasses of dead chickens.
One officer PPL, Suhardi confirmed directly not sure whether it was because of the death of five birds due to bird flu virus or not. "Yet we can be sure whether this is bird flu or not, need examination in the laboratory first," he said.
He also added that it deliberately took samples of dead chickens, with the aim to do research in the laboratory. So that could certainly result. "In the meantime, samples of chicken carcasses will be taken to laboratotium for further investigation," he concluded. (Hue)

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