Friday, November 30, 2012

Indonesia: Poultry Die-off Bekasi & Sanden

Map of outbreaks
Blue: Bekasi, Red: Sanden

Esophageal Suspected Bird Flu, Poultry in Sanden Dozens of Sudden Death
November 29, 2012
BANTUL - Dozens of birds ducks in the District of Sanden and Jetis known died suddenly since last two months. Allegedly, the mass death of birds due to virus attack Avian Influenza (AI). According to the Head of Animal Health Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Dispertahut) Bantul, Agus Riyadmadi, so far it only received reports from a number of farmers in the village of Srigading, Sanden, and Village Trimulyo, Jetis. "Data while, there were about 50 ducks that died suddenly. Symptoms are almost the same, lame duck walk, giddy, and finally seizures. It is similar to the symptoms of H5N1 (bird flu). However, this is not the bird flu, " said Agus, Thursday (29/11). Agus explained, the virus that causes the death of dozens of ducks this time more virulent than H5N1. Therefore, the H5N1 virus is not known to cause death in ducks. To ascertain the cause of death, Center for Veterinary Wates Yogyakarta has taken samples about two months ago. It takes about two to three months for the Center for Veterinary publish the results of the study. Kasi Animal Health Services Dispertahut Bantul, Subeno added, duck deaths with symptoms of paralysis and seizures can also be due to environmental factors.

Sukakarya - Hundreds of chickens owned by Andi (35), in Kampung Pulo Panjang, Sekamakmur Village, District Sukakarya, Bekasi, died suddenly. Poultry was confirmed positive for bird flu.

According to Andi, already one week chicken flocks continue to die suddenly, before dying, the chicken was issued a number of symptoms or signs. Such discoloration comb, from red to blue, otherwise it looks like the head to swell. Meanwhile, officers of livestock, fisheries and marine (EPF) Bekasi, Marullah which today conducted a space to explain, based on examination repit test known that, hundreds of chickens tested positive for bird flu or H5N1 virus. Department immediately undertake countermeasures by providing disinfectant disekitaran chicken coop and ordered the owner to be gutted chickens to death by burning. "When there are people who have a fever then advised to immediately health check to the nearest health center for fear of contracting the H5N1 virus hit-borne sick chickens, "said Marullah.

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