Friday, November 30, 2012

The deaths of two people in Jordan-like virus "SARS"

December 01, 2012
World Health Organization said Friday it was concluded that the deaths of two people in Jordan in April / April resulted from injuries new virus from the same family virus severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS, which raised a warning globally in September / September. organization added the United Nations that confirmed so far infected at least nine people in three countries in the Middle East with the virus, which was not known in humans, including a Saudi, was wounded acute respiratory last month.

but Georgi Hartl, spokesman for the organization said that the two deaths in Jordan, which Takdta in Samples were tested recently in a lab collaborates with the World Health Organization in Egypt does not alter the assessment of the organization that the virus does not spread easily apparently among humans. he told Reuters: "cases in Jordan does not alter the risk assessment at the moment. have not seen a new pattern. they are two Kadimtan . " the organization said that the Geneva-based said in a statement: "I was informed the organization today the cases and deaths Erdnitan bringing the total number of cases that were confirmed laboratory to nine."
The results of the initial checks of the samples had tested negative for HIV and other viruses associated with respiratory in April / April . and share new virus with, SARS, in some of the symptoms, the organization said that "the new virus can seem sore pneumonia, as acute renal failure in five cases.  

Overall, confirmed so far five cases of HIV infection new in Saudi Arabia, including three cases of one family died, including three, also confirmed wounded two in Qatar, both recovering. " Hartl said that the two deaths Alerdnitan were among 12 cases of acute respiratory appeared in April / April and were related to hospital in Zarqa, about 40 kilometers from Amman, He added that most cases were health workers.

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