Friday, January 25, 2013

Iraq prohibits the import of poultry and poultry products due to Pandemic Influenza

[Arabic Translation]
Baghdad Jafar Nasrawi
Thursday 24 / January 2013

The Iraqi government announced on preventing the importation of various types of birds, feathers and eggs and poultry products from 21 countries, including Egypt, to hedge against pandemic influenza, attributed to the instructions of the World Animal Health Organization, and its commitment to the safety of the citizens of the injury epidemic that has become a threat to them.

The government said in a statement issued Thursday, and received "The Arabs today," a copy of it, she "decided to ban the import of live birds of prey and whites of both types, table and hatching, and bird feathers and all the materials that go into poultry or poultry products in the installation."

The government added in its statement that "the decision was made based on the last update of the OIE (OIE), which included countries Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Hong Kong, the occupied Palestinian territories, Laos, Myanmar, Egypt, Sri Lanka , Vietnam, Japan, Canada, Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, South Africa, Indonesia, Nepal and Australia. "

The Iraqi government pointed out, according to the statement, that "the decision was made in order to preserve the integrity of the Iraqi citizen of the transitional disease, which has become a threat to Iraqis.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Health Ziad Tariq, said in a press statement, "said the ministry faced a problem in tackling the spread of the epidemic, caused by lack of health awareness among the citizens to prevent it, indicating that there is a similarity in symptoms between pandemic flu and normal in the initial stages of infection."

The ministry confirmed earlier that the injuries recorded disease Pandemic Influenza "controlled and does not pose a threat" to public health community, and revealed, Tuesday, the 22 of this month, for the registration of 36 cases infected with influenza epidemic in the whole of Iraq, including Two new cases of infection سجلتا in the provinces of Wasit, Karbala.

In a related development, announced Health and Environment Committee in the province of Maysan, (its city of Amarah, 390 km south of Baghdad), on Thursday, wounding six citizens from the province flu epidemic, out of 30 patients questionable in their situation, unexpected increase in the number of cases diagnosed in the next term.

And emerged pandemic influenza for the first time in Iraq in 2009 as the number of injuries this disease 338 of including 49 cases and deaths, while recorded six injuries in 2010, and 177 in 2011, including seven deaths, and 422 injuries in 2012, including two deaths.

Pandemic Influenza is divided into two types first (H5N1), known bird flu, the most lethal, while known as type II less serious, as swine flu (H1N1).

It is noteworthy that several countries in the region, such as Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, recorded injuries flu epidemic, a wave reached the area during the winter month, and confirms Iraqi health authorities that the epidemic moved to Iraq from neighboring, but the injuries several were recorded in previous years, but was kind of H5N1 bird flu known.

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