Friday, February 8, 2013

Indonesia: Pariaman Supect Bird Flu #H5N1

INILAH.COM, Pariaman - General Hospital (Dr) M Djamil Padang, the patient received an unexpected return (avian influenza) Bird flu. Patient initials BR (73) is a resident of Padang Pariaman district. Patients undergoing intensive treatment in the isolation room bird flu Dr M Djamil Padang.

Information compiled, BR was hospitalized on Friday (8/2) at 12.00 pm. Patients are referred from hospitals Pariaman, because infected have symptoms of H5N1 or bird flu virus. A few days before patient contact with his neighbor's birds-poultry that died suddenly.

Meanwhile Giving Information Officer Dr M Djamil Padang, said Gustafianof BR, newly suspected teridap H5NI virus, because the family name but a few ducks and BR neighbor died suddenly at that direct contact with the birds.

"A few days ago a dead duck and the corresponding direct high fever accompanied by cough and shortness of breath. Seeing this, the family was immediately rushed to a hospital in Padang Padang Pariaman. Next is the general hospital, referring to Dr BR M Djamil Padang because of suspected H5NI virus infected patients, "said Gustavianof explained.

The doctor who saw the symptoms of the disease in question BR agreed saying suspect bird flu. Gustavianof said, BR is not positive, but traits that led to it is quite clear and the hospital will do blood sampling, to ensure the 73-year-old man infected with the virus or not.

"For that, until now its status is still suspected bird flu. BR has been getting intensive treatment in the isolation room bird flu. Later if the blood sample is positive, the doctor Dr M Djamil will take further action, "said Gustavianof.

The care given to BR, the standards set are appropriate for the patient supeck bird flu. "We are still isolated, pending and see the condition of the patient and the doctor will soon take a blood sample," said Gustafianof stressed.

A few days ago in Sanur District Nan Sabaris Nagari, Padang Pariaman District, a total of 1207 ducks belonging to four families (KK) died suddenly. Duck population in the area is 3590 tails and owners there are six families. Extermination perpetrated against the surviving ducks newly done to the families that Doni, a total of 299 birds. Meanwhile, three more are underway socialization KK to be the destruction of the ducks are still alive. It also carried out spraying.

In Sumatra, there are two locations of ducks were found dead suddenly, ie Korong Payakumbuh and Kampung Lintang, Sanur Nagari, District Nan Sabaris, Padang Pariaman. Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department Sumatra M Kamil said, from observation teams on the ground, the death of thousands of ducks will lead to a new type of bird flu virus that is coded H5NI 2.3.2.

Pascamatinya thousands of ducks in Pariaman due to the H5N1 virus, West Sumatra Husbandry Department to block the passage of ducks from the scene. The anticipation is done, in order to prevent and inhibit the spread of the disease similar to other areas in West Sumatra.

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