Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Saudi Arabia: Health and agriculture are doing contingency plan to prevent the entry of bird flu virus


Amman - Rai - Ahmed Eagles - decided by the ministries' health and agriculture activate emergency plan precautionary and preventive to prevent the entry of bird flu virus infection to the Kingdom and trapping the disease if moved us infection.
The two ministries decided to declare a state of alert in the face of the virus in the event of discovery of any infection and treated early time (...) Makdtan that situation is worrying that the Ministry of Agriculture report confirming that status of the poultry farms in the Kingdom reassuring. 
 The head of the Primary Health Care in the Ministry of Health Bassem Hijjawi in a press statement after a meeting yesterday held at the Ministry of Agriculture to coordinate together to confront the danger of disease the kingdom of Anfloanz free bird or even suspected cases so far.
Said Hijjawi »Atfguenaaly form a joint committee between the two ministries to تبقيا in constant contact with each other and the author immediately any deaths for any kind of poultry in any place or farm in Saudi Arabia to take the next step which is declared Tfal plans confrontation of the disease before its spread and surround the place where it appears and eliminate ».
Dr Hijjawi revealed that the danger lies in this type of virus (H5N1) is moving from (human - human) was previously unknown transition from birds to humans, which is easy to encircle and destroy the virus.
Despite the announcement by the ministries (health, agriculture) yesterday devoid Jordan of bird flu so far, but he geographically located on the itinerary of millions of migratory birds that are concentrated period passes over territory of the Kingdom during the months February current September and April next, as well as that Jordan does not import large quantities of products poultry, but depends on local production significantly.
And circulated by the Ministry of Health according to Dr. Hijjawi intensify monitoring of diseases in hospitals, health centers and training for doctors and nurses to deal with situations that may be suspected to be infected with bird flu and declare readiness ministry laboratories to perform analyzes for the bird flu virus.
Hijjawi stressed that the Ministry of Health has sufficient stocks of the drug »Altmiflo» counter the disease, noting that the danger will persist as long as the kingdom live atmosphere of continuing winter.
 Jordan was treated in 2006 with infected HP 5 to 1 bird flu in Ajloun were casualties among birds Habash reared homemade authorities have then executed birds region also dealt with human infection for migrant worker Egypt in Governor Karak came infected were isolated and treated for disease until full recovery.
And between Hijjawi that the Ministry of Health are looking forward very cautiously move the virus between countries, noting that the countries of the Middle East free of the virus so far confirmed that the virus re-emerged in Egypt.  
The World Health Organization (WHO) launched a warning to all states after the discovery (5) cases of proven bird flu in Cambodia and moved them from injuries (person to person), which was considered a serious organization and warns of obtaining and B fast Antchar of the deadly disease.
Indicated that the avian influenza virus (H5N1) infects different species of birds and migratory birds and bird flu virus infects human symptoms include general decline body, headache, high body temperature for a period of more than a week and poor digestion and loss of appetite, runny nose, sore and reddened throat and pain severe muscle and joints and bones.
   These symptoms may progress rapidly to respiratory infections and acute pulmonary end to acute respiratory insufficiency and then lead to death.

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