Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#Coronavirus: Confirmed Death in Germany

 3/26/13 - Translation out of Germany

Munich - The Munich-patient did not make it, the death virus has claimed another victim: The infected with the novel coronavirus in the Schwabing Hospital last night has died, confirm Municipal Hospital and city.

The 73-year-old from the United Arab Emirates fell ill in early March and last Tuesday was flown by private jet from Abu Dhabi to Munich for treatment. On Saturday, the lab had confirmed the infection with the novel coronavirus. The patient suffered last night, according to hospital circulatory shock in the context of infection and its serious underlying medical conditions. "Due to the quite advanced infection and septic disease, the prognosis for the patient was unfortunately very unfavorable, so that his maximum intensive care could not be saved" regretted Clemens Wendtner, Chief of Infectious Diseases in Schwabing.

The patient lay on the isolation, a risk of infection for the population, according to hospital and did not pass city. The body of the patient will promptly transferred to his homeland - in consultation with the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin and the Health Department of the City. The 50 or so members and contact persons are monitored medically unchanged. This brings the death toll of the sinister agent: So far, the 17 infections are known to have died eleven patients. Last week, according to British media reports, a 60-year-old Briton has died, which seemed to have overcome the coronavirus. The man had been infected in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and home probably infected his 38-year-old son, who died before his father.


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