Friday, March 29, 2013

#Coronavirus Latest Confirmed Human Death Had Much Contact With Camels

March 27, 2013.  Translation out of Germany:

Even the common cold infection is one of the coronavirus

In fact, it is related to the "swine flu" the SARS virus, "coronaviruses have six sub-types, that also includes four general viruses, which are manifested as a cold or flu infection," explains Prof. Dr. Clemens Wendtner, chief of Infectology at Schwabing Clinic."In addition, also SARS is a lower mold. If the type on which the patient has died today, it is but to human coronavirus, a novel virus."

Coronavirus: Greatly reduced lung function...How dangerous is the virus and the strongly reduced lung function is apparent in the
Example of the late 73Jährigen: First flu symptoms expressed on 8
March, two days later he was taken to a hospital in Abu Dhabi. After
A week ago he had to be artificially ventilated.
His relatives decided
then for a transport to Munich. "He was in the past
often treated in Munich, "
says Wendtner." We also have a close
Cooperation with Abu Dhabi.
"This Schwabing Clinic also specializes in
such infectious diseases. It is one of the seven National Reference Centres in
Patient in a private jet airliner flown no
On 19 March the patient was flown to Munich. "He was not, of course, in
transported a commercial airliner, "says Wendtner." In a private jet to and
special ventilation equipment, he came to Munich. "The wealthy 73-year old
there was further treated, but he died on coronavirus.

Coronavirus: patient had a lot of contact with racing camels

How the man could have been infected, is not safe. It is speculated. "The
Virus has a high similarity with the bat coronavirus, "
explains Wendtner.
He had been bitten but not by a bat. Ungulates can also
have such a virus. "One of the 17 so far in the novel coronavirus diseased
Patient was infected by a goat. Our patient had much contact with
Racing camels. "
We can only speculate, however, whether any of the camels also
the virus had in it. "Nothing is confirmed yet. All we know is that all the camels
apparently still live, "
says Wendtner.

No fear of pandemic: Novel Coronavirus not highly contagious
Fear of a pandemic due to the dead man had no
have. "The novel coronavirus is not highly contagious," said the expert.
"While it is transmitted by droplet infection, the virus infected but in the
deep lung sections. "
When Sars virus, it had 8000 confirmed cases in a short
Given time - 800 of them died. "The novel coronavirus is 17
confirmed cases over a year what in virology a very long period
meets "
says Wendtner." We should not have any panic. "

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