Thursday, August 1, 2013

China: Prevention and control of zoonotic diseases and foreign experts in Chongqing discuss countermeasures

August 2, 2013
WASHINGTON (correspondent to Jing) during the first half of this year, a menacing H7N9 bird flu, so many people, "Tan chicken pale", so that aquaculture losses. Today, the shadow of bird flu is gradually dissipated, but including avian influenza, including the prevention and control of zoonoses how is still a topic of concern. July 30 to 31, in the city at the Fifth Forum on prevention and control of zoonotic diseases, from the United Nations FAO, EU Trade Project, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center and the city's expert gathered around the current status of zoonotic diseases and other issues, to jointly improve the prevention and control of zoonoses and effective way to long-term mechanism.
Zoonotic disease is also called "zoonotic disease" refers to the spread between humans and animals, a large class of infectious diseases. The disease is widely distributed in the world, the large number of species complex, known for more than 200 150 kinds of animal diseases and parasites, at least more than half are zoonoses which pose serious threats to humans have more than 100 kinds, and new diseases are still emerging.
Forum, EUCTP veterinary experts said Dr. Borchard, to human health, animal, ecosystems have health, and based on animals, people, ecosystems based on the disease prevention and control strategy is to protect the health of the world's most effective way.
With leptospirosis, for example, the vast majority of cases are derived from water pollution. "If the river upstream is chicken feed cows, but also human feces, as well Infected rodents, such water will be clean it? Downstream people washing clothes in the river, bathing, animals healthy it? human health can be guaranteed it? "Borchard said.
Wang Jian, deputy director of the Agriculture Commission, said the city will be based on the actual situation, increase zoonosis monitoring efforts to broaden the monitoring functions, the timely detection of outbreaks, early adopt comprehensive prevention and control measures to prevent the spread of the disease spreading. Meanwhile, the establishment of veterinary and health sectors of joint prevention and control mechanism to build the framework of risk assessment and early warning system, strengthen international and domestic cooperation, work together to promote public health and safety.

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