Thursday, August 1, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Latest Cases - List

[I'm not clear on the 3rd case, and if that person is 39 years old or not]

"...The rest two cases are for 39-year-old female residents,..."

Date of Report:  8/1/13
Name:  67(F)
From:  Riyadh
Adm:  ICU
Note:  Comorbidities.  Saudi MOH link:

Name:  39(F)
From:  Asir
Adm: yes
Note:  Healthcare worker.  Mild symptoms.  Stable condition.
MOH link:

Name:  No Name
From:  Riyadh
Adm:  yes
Note:  Healthcare worker.  Mild sym’s.  Stable condition.

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