Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hong Kong: Source of #H7N9 infection still unknown

The Controller for the Center of Health Protection, Leung Ting-hung, says it's still trying to trace the source of infection of the Indonesian helper who contracted the H7N9 bird flu virus after eating a chicken bought in Shenzhen.

The woman remains in critical condition in Queen Mary Hospital. Dr Leung also disclosed that 13 people out of the 220 contacts so far traced by the center have shown flu-like symptoms. But they've all tested negative for the virus.

Meanwhile, the Health Secretary, Ko Wing-man, says it will be up to individual doctors to decide if patients with flu-like symptoms should undergo checks for H7N9. Doctors at Tuen Mun hospital -- where the helper first sought medical treatment -- apparently missed the signs. --RTHK

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