Friday, December 6, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Abu Dhabi Confirmed Fatality Has Closed Coffin Because Seriousness & possible Transmission of Disease

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December 5, 2013

Buried in the town in the governorate of Irbid Smoa Wednesday funeral Jordanian citizen died from injuries she sustained Middle East respiratory syndrome virus "corona".
The WAM news agency "WAM" quoted the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi last Sunday the news of the death of the Jordanian resident in the emirate with her family.
The work of the deceased engineer. And hit her husband with the virus, as announced in the injury of their son, who is 8 years old, as indicated in the Health Authority Abu Dhabi to be the case of a husband and son are stable and are subject to full medical care.
According to people close to the family of the deceased, the embassy in Abu Dhabi, Oman asked the family not to open the coffin, or disclosure of the late, and not to bring the coffin to the house of the deceased to the seriousness of the disease, and the possibility of transmission to others.

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