Monday, December 23, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Saudi Arabia Turaif Rumors of Case

[Turaif (Arabic: طريف‎) is a town in Northern Borders Province (also known as Al-Hudud ash Shamaliyah),Saudi Arabia, close to the border with Jordan. ~wikipedia~]


spread hours before across social networking sites reported the first case of Corona Hospital in Arar Central sparking panic among residents Arar was among the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the North of Mr. Fahad Al-Shammari health of what has Tdoualh through networking sites that there is a reluctance great by the reviewers and the sick for reviewing Arar Central Hospital grounds that the spread of infectious disease. spokesman added that the registration of the case just a rumor and did not have any record of the case and hope of all citizens not to yield to such rumors. 

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