Thursday, December 26, 2013

#H7N9 Hong Kong continued suspension of live poultry to Hong Kong, Shenzhen

December 24, 2013
Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man said that arrangements for the suspension of live poultry for Shenzhen to Hong Kong will continue, temporarily set released date. 

After Ko Wing Man today (December 24) at a public event meeting with the media, said Hong Kong's first confirmed case of H7N9 in early cases, suspension of live poultry to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, currently passed on the 21st of medical surveillance, but in view of Shenzhen after another in environmental samples the discovery of the virus, some human cases, it was decided to maintain the measures. 

He pointed out that the present arrangement for supply to Hong Kong is a closed-end management of live poultry, poultry farms from registration for shipped to Hong Kong, not mixed with other poultry; Mainland authorities have also been to Hong Kong farms registered for samples, so far there is no any samples were positive, so do not for a total ban on live chickens to Hong Kong. 

For farms in Hebei Baoding have detected H5N2 virus, Ko Wing-man, said that the farms had no live poultry to Hong Kong, but the virus is highly pathogenic, the authorities will closely monitor the development of the epidemic.

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