Sunday, December 28, 2008

Indonesia: 1 Suspect diphtheria disolasi 10 days

[More on the suspected case of Diphtheria in Semarang]

Edition: Sunday, 28 December 2008, Hal.4

Boyolali (Espos) A citizen Jojor, Kaliwungu, Kabupaten Semarang, Titin Nur Handayani, 5.5, stated dipteri suspect so that should get in the intensive care room insulation children General Hospital (RSU) Pandan Arang, Boyolali for 10 days.

According to RSU Pandan Arang, dr Haniek Umi, based on the results laboraturium, Titin negative Dipteri fell ill the disease caused by bacteria called micobacterium dipteri. He said the bacteria is dangerous because it can result in a heart attack on the death of the patient. "Dipteri is one of the rare disease. Since 15 years ago kind of disease is rarely found, "he explained when found a number of journalists, Saturday (27/12), in the workroom.
He said, Titin experience high fever that does not come down until a few days, in the throat, there are spots of white. Symptoms, the number Umi, is one sign of the disease dipteri. However, after tested by using the SWAP laboraturium and culture, Titin stated dipteri suspect. "From the symptoms caused almost the same, but if positive patients dipteri throat usually will swell like mumps. While Titin not to experience, "he said.

According to Umi, dipteri usually do not attack children who get routine immunization. He mengakatan, dipteri disease is contagious and dangerous and most diidap by children.

Meanwhile, parents Titin, Sartini, the routine has been brought to Titin Posyandu for immunized. Previously, Titin has checked/examined to local health conditions up to three times Titin not fast/already recover. - By: m73

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