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A ProMED-mail post
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Date: Tue 30 Dec 2008
Source: Pandemic Information News [edited]

The Assam government has made it clear that avian influenza has
spread to new areas of the state. Sources in the Animal Husbandry and
Veterinary Department said that the deadly bird flu virus was
confirmed in about 15 more villages. The health authorities have been
asked to cull nearly 70 000 birds in these areas.

Speaking on this situation, a veterinary department official said:
"So far, about 150 villages in 8 Assam districts were hit by bird
flu, and Rapid Response Teams have already slaughtered about 510 000
chickens and ducks since 27 Nov 2008." The latest report added that
culling was in progress in the new areas, including Manahkuchi of
Hajo, Chayani Barduar block in Kamrup (Rural), Tihu-Barama of Baksa,
Chachaligaon Burachowk in Nagaon, Rangamati and Aurpakmoniari Tiniali
in Kamrup (Metro).

"We have so far identified 19 epicenters affected by bird flu in
Assam. Culling operations in newly affected areas have already begun,
while in some places, the drive is almost complete," added the
official. The official said the source of the deadly virus was
difficult to ascertain as it was air-borne. The Assam government has
already banned sale and movement of poultry products from bird flu
affected areas.

It may be recalled that the deadly bird flu was 1st detected in
Kamrup (Rural) district on 27 Nov 2008. Since then, more than 500 000
poultry have been culled by state authorities. Furthermore, the Union
government has also established the outbreak of the disease among the
poultry of Doloigaon Uzanpara village under Dhaligaon Development
Block of Bongaigaon District.

Communicated by:
ProMED-mail Rapporteur: Susan Baekeland

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