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Indo: Negative expressed Bird Flu (R(2), Ngawi)

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Only five original Sidokerto experiencing symptoms bronchitis
Ngawi-Still Remember the Riyanto Earlier? Bocah aged 2 years, village residents expressed Sidokerto Karangjati not infected virus flu burung.Uji laboratory examining the blood sample that was five negative results.''Negative result, has not infected the virus bird flu,''said Siska, a nurse who has to handle.
Disclosed, flu and fever that accompany the sick child and Parmi Slamet pair is a symptom of illness is bronkitis.Kesimpulan than lab results also supported the results of the X-ray images in RSU Kabupaten Ngawi of Mentioned.''The X-ray shows the condition of the body has bagus.Trombositnya also good,''said Siska.
Because bird flu is declared negative and the condition has gradually improved, the kid is allowed to go home rumahnya.Menurut the hospital, the condition has not already experienced the last flu demam.Sakit and pileknya also have hilang.Bahkan he'd like to eat and beraktivitas as usual.
However, more Siska, symptoms of cough that has not lost them, although the frequency has been reduced. Therefore, it has now undergo outpatient to recover and heal disease dideritanya.Bocah bronchitis which is also required to consume drugs of the team doctors that the disease soon.
He also must undergo check-up and control routine for monitoring the control kondisinya.Untuk do not need to come to the RSU Kabupaten Ngawi, but enough in the local health clinic.''Condition of not worrying, but need to control and routine enough in the health Karangjati can handle, ' 'said Siska. (dra / isd)
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