Friday, March 27, 2009

Officials seize illegal chicken limbs in Vientiane

(KPL) Inspection officials, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce seized 86 kilogrammes of chicken limbs in Saysettha district of Vientiane Capital, which imported illegally from Thailand.
Mr Khamsao Sengvongpheth, team leader of Saysettha district Inspection office disclosed that relevant officials could seize the duck and chicken limbs, which weighted 86 kilogrammes at Thaluang market, Saysettha district on 25 March 2009, after Vientiane retailers imported them illegally from Thailand. A total number of illegal foods worth over 1 million kip however officials could not arrest a group of smugglers because of they escaped.
He said that having a group of smugglers have attempted their efforts to import the illegal foods and items by crossing the Mekong River to Laos, but some time officials could not arrest and see clearly evident because of Lao officials do not have modern technology for monitoring and inspecting.
The majority of illegal foods and items were found as fish, pig, duck, chicken limbs, electronic items, household items, those have been brought from Thailand through the Mekong River.

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