Thursday, March 12, 2009

War against BIRD FLU: BECAUSE saturated inadvertent CAUTION AND Tired

Published on March 12 2009, 09:30

Is the war against H5N1 has been completed with the victory we dipihak? Many experts predict that repeatedly influenza pandemic inevitable, but it is not known when, where starting, and by which the virus. In Indonesia are predicted to engulf millions of people the victims. A WHO expert said that only luck because we only pandemic influenza so far this does not happen. Until now, none of those who dare to claim that the H5N1 virus does not threaten again. What happens is, as indeed in the war, H5N1 seems to kecerdikannya continue to threaten and cause tensions but deliberately out overextend the attack, awaiting idleness target the longer the more saturated and tired waiting. Saturation and the physical and mental exhaustion are visible from day kehari. Entering the fourth year, the attention to the threat of pandemic influenza tends to decrease. Talks about social, political, economic, and security, health and the other is a more interesting rather than bird flu. Figures illness and death due to dengue fever dengue is much higher, as well as mortality due to tuberculosis is estimated at 300 people per day. Not due to food poisoning, poisoned gas, and natural disasters in various regions.

For the breeder, the death of birds due to bird flu tends to be only as a ditanggapi the beruntungan, similar to that caused by tetelo, and so forth.

Coverage in the mass media is also no longer be placed as head lines. Saturation and financial exhaustion also clearly visible, including the international flow of aid that does not sederas previous years.

Fatigue in different areas of this impact can be very serious because it can cause kesiap siagaan in idleness in the face the threat of bird flu. In addition, idleness can also occur due to kejumawaan and joke about the opponent, and the apathetic attitude and passivity. And Unfortunately, more and more people are apathetic attitude and shows no concern with the threat of pandemic influenza.Dalam "war" against the pandemic infeluenza, idleness can not be happening. Enemy that we face is clearly dangerous, because the individual can cause death in a short time, while the transmission can occur widely in a short time. We can not be a frontal attack and we must wait, but not the passive. We must continue to fight!

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