Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Argentina: Second death confirmed in Cordova

Wednesday July 8, 2009

Yesterday was the bad news was precipitated by the state of health of some people with respiratory diseases are the second confirmed death from the province because of the influenza A (H1N1), there are suspicious deaths and patients with influenza A that are in sensitive .

In the country, 60 deaths were officially recorded, but it is known that there are more and which have not yet been registered by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

Provincial Health Minister, Oscar Gonzalez, said that although this year increased the number of consultations for respiratory diseases, the prisoners and deaths from these causes were not higher than they were in the same periods last year.

A sanfrancisqueño of 39 years yesterday became the second fatal victim in Cordova by the influenza virus A (H1N1), as confirmed by Mario Vignolo, director of the center state. The two fatal cases originated in the eastern city of Cordoba. The latest victim is Fernando Leiva, who died on June 28 last at a private clinic in the city.

Vignolo confirmed that there are a number of cases studied, six or seven patients with suspicion. " As it transpired, between the two cases analyzed should pregnant women and a boy of 12 years, who died last weekend. In this framework, the City of San Francisco declared a health emergency by 90 days to combat influenza A virus that has claimed two lives in the city.

At Marcos Juarez in the hospital Abel Ayerza isolated two patients remain in intensive care and low forecast reserved. One is a man of 31 years with high suspicion of carrying the influenza A virus H1N1, "said the director of the health center, Daniel Fragazzini.

They also spend 25 years a woman had a bilateral pneumonia. The couple had a pregnancy of 36 weeks and a cesarean section was performed. Furthermore, another couple of Marcos Juarez, 28 weeks pregnant, was due last Friday to a table with Provincial Maternity bilateral pneumonia.

Villa Maria, where he died Monday morning, a patient suspected of suffering from influenza A, four patients are placed in hospital under treatment antiviral Pasteur, one of whom is a certain severity, said the director, Guillermo Tomas. There are pregnant women among them.

Villa Maria, where he died on Monday, a patient suspected of influenza A, four patients in the hospital undergoing treatment antiviral Pasteur, one of whom is serious, said the director, Guillermo Tomas.

Rio Cuarto, relatives of a young man with Down syndrome who died on Monday reported for alleged malpractice in the New Hospital San Antonio de Padua. They called for an investigation into whether doctors wrong diagnosis and finally died of influenza A without medication accordingly.

In the city of Cordova, the director of the Mercy hospital, Raúl Ré, waited yesterday for tests to determine whether the flu was the cause of death of a teenager who was interned in the hospital. At Children's Hospital is a teenager of 14 years, with health status that could have booked influenza A.

Gonzalez clarified that the number of deaths and international registered in the province this year will not exceed that of last year. "We need more consultations, but the total number of acute hospitalization for breathing is more or less similar to last year, and deaths." And that "last year, 1168 patients died from acute respiratory diseases, ie, influenza and pneumonia, which is the usual way of dying of influenza complicated.

Analysis. A private laboratory conducted 50 days in the last analysis is found in all influenza A. Meanwhile, the province can now perform the analysis in Cordova to detect influenza A. According to González explained, in 48 hours you get the result. Before you were sent to Buenos Aires, which delayed the diagnosis.

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