Thursday, July 9, 2009

Argentina: Total Deaths: 85

Two killed in Buenos Aires and three in Santa Fe, Formosa and Misiones
Five new deaths from influenza A

Reports of fatal cases in the provinces amount to 85 total in the country. Manzur was announced to the Senate and the decentralization of the evidence. Criticism from the opposition.

Five more deaths were reported Wednesday throughout the country as a result of influenza A, two in Buenos Aires and the other three in Santa Fe, Misiones and Formosa. In these cases, the number of fatalities has risen to 85, according to calculations that have not made the official national government.

For its part, Health Minister, Juan Manzur, announced in the Senate of the Nation decentralization of laboratories performing tests related to influenza A, which shall not be conducted solely at the institute Malbrán.

Manzur went to the Senate to inform the presidents of block on the disease situation in the country and in the afternoon visited with President Cristina Fernandez hospital Gandulfo, party bonaerense of Lomas de Zamora.

The minister said in the Senate that the evidence for the presence of the new flu will be carried out by other laboratories, in addition Malbrán revealed senators who attended the meeting behind closed doors in the Hall of the Gray House.

After the meeting, Senator of the Civic Coalition for Capital Federal, María Eugenia Estenssoro, said the report Manzur left "more questions than certainties," because "if infected with influenza N1H1 is 100,000, as the minister said and not the official figure of 2845 cases, the country would focus more infected the entire planet. "

"Statistics are important to know the evolution of an epidemic," said the lawmaker, said that the minister "is implementing a new way of measuring it is not infected, which applies in the world." Manzur had referred to that figure as the inference of the movement of the virus, estimated at 90%.

Five new deaths

Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, Jorge Lemus, reported Wednesday that nine people were killed in the Capital due to influenza A, two more than reported on Tuesday.

In Santa Fe, the health ministry reported a death, which brings to 22 the total so far in this province: 19 in the node Rosario, two in Santa Fe and one node in the Venado Tuerto. Meanwhile, laboratory-confirmed cases total 471 there.

The health portfolio Santa Fe said that the total demand for care in clinics and hospitalization for respiratory diseases is 37,127, of which 16,669 are attributable to influenza-like illnesses.

Missions, meanwhile, reported that one woman died of influenza A and became the third fatality in the province. The deceased was placed in the Hospital Central de Posadas from Sunday, with complications from a lung disease.

Formosa Province reported the death of an influenza A man of 56 years, who recently attended a medical consultation on the fifth day of develop a flu and faced a table of "respiratory failure". It was the first fatal case in this jurisdiction.

The five new deaths raised to 85 the number of deaths from the disease according to reports from ministries and departments of the provinces and city of Buenos Aires, while the Health Minister's Office said the deaths are 70.

"Diagnosed are 70, but obviously there are other patients who had died previously and are still awaiting laboratory results," said the minister upon entering the Senate.

Meanwhile, five new provinces were added today to the administrative leave provided by the national government on Friday as part of measures against influenza A, while the entity that brings together private banks adhered to the measure. The provinces are joined Jujuy, Santa Fe, Salta, Tucumán and Black River, while yesterday acceded San Luis, Mendoza and Buenos Aires.

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