Thursday, January 7, 2010

Indonesia: Urgent need for Tamiflu in Basarang Bird Flu Attack Kalteng

Thursday, 07 January 2010, 11:44:00

KUALA KAPUAS - The discovery of cases of positive cases of bird flu virus in District Basarang which caused thousands of dead domestic poultry, making people more nervous. This is due to the lack of availability of vaccines and medicines to the deadly disease is not contagious to humans.

Head of Puskesmas Basarang Tilda Yusmiati Nanjan through their representatives do not claim to have instansinya tamiflu drug supply in anticipation of bird flu disease. Therefore, if you found any symptoms of people who contracted the virus H5N1, which carried out the steps that make referrals to hospitals Kapuas.

"If people who have flu symptoms, so patients are given drugs paracetamol and vitamins, to reduce fever. If the symptoms of bird flu must be referred," Yusmiati.

Added, the needs of these drugs is urgent that there is no suspect case of bird flu that can not be handled properly and resulted in the death of the patient.

Earlier, Chief of Health Dr. Ani Handaningroem Kapuas revealed, for the prevention of virus transmission from poultry to humans, health office has done tamiflu to droping drug-health clinic in Kapuas district. Unfortunately, it has not received droping the health center Basarang the vulnerable areas of the bird flu. (Art / yon / fuz)

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