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Romania: Update on H5N1 Poultry Outbreaks - 2 articles

The first case of influenza, Letea (in poultry)

Caption: An outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza type H5N1 occurred in a poultry farm in the village Letea, Tulcea County. European Commission (EC) will adopt a decision confirming the risk areas set by Romanian authorities after the occurrence of this outbreak.

According to a release of the EC, the outbreak of H5N1 was located in the Danube delta, near the border with Ukraine. The same source states that Romania's national laboratory confirmed Monday that it is an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus type H5N1 and to limit the spread, the Romanian authorities have applied immediate control measures required under EU law.

These measures included the slaughter of all infected poultry farm and establish a protection zone within a radius of 3 kilometers, and monitoring an area 10 kilometers around the farm, which also was established strong measures to control the movement . Area of 10 kilometers is considered "high risk zone", according to the EC, adding that it is surrounded by a "low risk area" in which were also imposed some restrictions on movement, and additional measures protection for poultry farms.

EC noted that this is the first case of avian influenza highly pathogenic H5N1 type found in the EU last year. The last case confirmed in March 2009, was detected in some wild ducks in Germany.

Minister of Health adviser, Geza Molnar said that veterinarians have found 49 dead birds in two households and that they made for supervision of the area. "So far, nobody in the world has shown that avian influenza is transmitted from person to person," said Geza Molnar, quoted by Mediafax. He added that authorities have recommended people "not to approach the dead birds, wild birds in the area, to not allow the birds in the courtyard to enter the house and children not to play with carrions.

The adviser said that the living area of approximately 300-400 people were talking about an isolated village. Molnar added that each case of respiratory virus in humans will be investigated and that will be harvested samples for analysis. Public Health Department sent a doctor to ensure permanence in the area. Surveillance of avian flu outbreak are the responsibility of veterinarians, that the Ministry of Agriculture, said Health Minister Counselor.

2nd article

Date Added: 20/03/2010

Veterinarians oversees domestic bird populations all private households in the commune Tulcea Rosetti, as an additional measure to prevent the emergence of new problems after it confirmed the suspicion of bird flu surfaced in the village Letea. Tulcea County Prefect Vasile Gudu said on Wednesday Agerpress as veterinarians and check the health of poultry in villages Cardon, Rosetti and Sfistofca, to date November Pending suspect H5N1 bird flu virus.

"Next to run two households Letea disinfection where birds were found which bore the bird flu virus, procedures to three stages.

These will be followed at an interval of three weeks, by bringing sentinel chickens, and if the evidence to be taken to confirm that they are no longer problems of Letea outbreak will be declared closed, "said Basil Gudu. He said the policemen, gendarmes and border guards monitor the trafficking of persons in the area, traffic, or livestock slaughtered in the area is prohibited. "Today, the mayor of the village Rosetti will disinfecting carpets every public institution and private companies in the area," said the prefect Gudu.

In terms of the health of the six people in two households where birds were found infected with H5N1, the Director of Public Health Authority (PSA), Adriana Argetoianu, said that only one of them, a child 10 years, did not have the flu shot. "We will monitor the members of two families for ten days, during checks already settled that there is a history of viral status. None of the six people not show signs of viral damage, and when they will appear doctors will take the exudates to be analyzed, "said Adriana Argetoianu.

Under the supervision plan and measures, in Tulcea County Hospital emergency circuit was arranged particularly in areas of infectious disease since its emergence in November of influenza virus A/H1N1 in ASP owning stocks for 1000 cans and 500 bottles of Oseltamivir Relenza for people who might be affected.

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