Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 Referred to Makassar, 2 Isolated

5 Residents Suspect Bird Flu

PINRANG - Five residents in District Lanrisang Pinrang otherwise suspect (suspect) bird flu. Three out of five residents, each Nawir (42), Andrews (5) citizens Suppang Saddang Hamlet, and Novi (18) Same Ulue Village on Tuesday night, was referred to the Provincial General Hospital Dr M Wahidin Sudirohusodo
Third body temperature reached 39 degrees Celsius mentioned, plus a cough and sore throat. While two others are currently still under the strict supervision of Health Department Pinrang, because his body temperature had reached 37 degrees Celsius. Pinrang Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Achmad MKes H Rusman said two citizens in monitoring health offices that are now isolated in their respective residence. Both continue to be monitored by specialized medical personnel and can not be in direct contact with other residents. "Our officers were examining both residents three times a day," he said yesterday. Rusman added, if the two citizens that body temperatures continue to rise, it will be directly referred to Dr Wahidin. Not only the two residents was monitored by Public Health Service, some residents also suspect kept in observation. Not less than 26 residents who currently monitoring the Health Department. "These data may increase, but we hope diminished," she said. Rusman explained, which distinguishes the common cold sick with bird flu is body temperature. However, if positive for bird flu, 80 percent of patients will experience death. According to Rusman, to ensure positive patient infected with bird flu, it will do four times the examination. If the body temperature continues to increase, then it will coordinate with the South Sulawesi Provincial Health Office in accordance with fixed procedures (SOP). "Most fast 10 days to determine the patient suffering from bird flu or not," he added. Anticipating the increased patient and to facilitate monitoring of the symptoms of bird flu, Health Department has activated all existing health centers in every district to open 24 hours. Plus set up posts in every village. "Just on the phone what if there are people who experience fever, then our officers will go there," jaminnya. For that he appealed to people immediately informed if there are family members who suffer from fever. And, do not touch directly with an infected chicken. "Must use gloves and wear masks," he remembers. Tuesday, September 28, Regent Pinrang HA Aslam Patonangi visited sites infected with bird flu or avian influenza (AI) in the Village Mallongi-longi, Lanrisang District, and District Suppa. Regent took a direct dialogue with local chicken farmer community. Regent down with the Chief Medical Officer Rusman Achmad, Head of the Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Ir Samson Solomon MP, Head of Animal Husbandry Ir M Ilyas, animal health and Veterinary Public Health and Head of Health Department drh Elvis Martina. Staff of Public Relations and Protocol Setdakab Pinrang Marina SH Kasmin said the visit of regents to directly monitor the condition of the last areas affected, including local farmer community. "The visit of regents as a form of government attention to the calamity that befell farmers in Lanrisang and surrounding areas," he said. On that occasion, the regents appealed to all parties involved to continue delivering services to the community and the ranch until the bird flu affected areas were really clean or up to H 3. "I prepared a special health posts serving the public health after the attack on Lanrisang bird flu virus," he said.

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