Saturday, November 6, 2010

6 killed in A-type flu outbreak Japan, Akita Prefectural Hospital

11/06 22:36 update)


インフルエンザの集団感染があった秋田県北秋田市の「鷹巣病院」=6日午後8時20分 Akita City, Akita Kita flu outbreak was "Takanosu Hospital" 20:08 pm-6 min

Akita Prefecture, on Thursday, there is a flu outbreak at a hospital in the prefecture of Akita Kita City, announced that six patients have died. Tsuzuriko the city hospital, "hospital Takanosu." More people are infected with a total of 30 other patients and staff are treated. County to identify the route of infection in a hurry.

According to the County Division of Health Promotion, one person died in the 60s men and two 80s, four 90s a total of one person, one woman 70s, two 80s, a total of one person. 05 killed in series between October 31 and November were positive rapid test. The department is also about 80 males aged 06 have died of flu symptoms, "the rapid test was negative (the possibility of infection) is not all negative," he said.

Conducted a thorough examination in patients infected person Public Health and Environment Center, A-type virus was confirmed in Hong Kong.

Hospital on July 2 Kitaakita Public Health Center, "49 people have flu symptoms, four patients have died out," and contacted. Who were infected and that the administration of drug Tamiflu.

The hospital conducted an influenza vaccination to all hospitalized patients 10 29. According to the Division of Health Promotion, for about two weeks until the antibody can be "the effect of vaccination did not appear" to be seen

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