Saturday, November 6, 2010

Or flu outbreaks, hospital, killing six hospital patients Kitaakita City Takanosu

Up to 06 characters in a hospital boiler Takanosu of Tsutsumi Waki Tsuzuriko Kitaakita City, an outbreak is believed to be infected with influenza patients, six patients in five days (four men, two women) died.
According to the county health department was reported to have occurred Kitaakita County man believed to have infected 49 patients from the hospital in full on August 2. One patient was examined a sample of day 5, A-type viruses in Hong Kong. That date, a total of 33 people infected patients and staff of the hospital during treatment.

The man who died alone in their 60s, two 80s, one 90s. Women have become one by one their 70s and 80s. The rapid test was positive and all 6 of the flu. Vaccinated 29 days after onset were treated with Tamiflu.

The psychiatric hospital has clinics, psychosomatic medicine, internal medicine floor bed 144.

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