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Vietnam H5N1 Dien Bien

DBP - At the same time last year in the province of Dien Bien district, the H5N1 bird flu virus has claimed the lives of three people. [See Below] Characteristics of the H5N1 virus can survive many years in the environment and can grow in favorable weather conditions, cold, so at this point, the risk of outbreak or spread of the epidemic is difficult to avoid off.

High risk is spread in Dien Bien district has the commune often occurs as outbreaks in poultry: Do Luong, Yen Thanh, Thanh Hung ... Property located along the canal irrigation works Mushroom. The ability of avian influenza spread through canal irrigation system is great because people said the cooperative has a habit of discharging all the channels. Actual evolution of avian influenza in the previous year partly proved that.

Meanwhile, Dien Bien district, commune and especially in the basins along the river and canal system Mushroom Mushroom irrigation area is also the largest flocks in the province. According to preliminary estimates by authorities, the average per day from 6000-8000 the national bird be circulated in the region, together with that of participants in the circulation of goods. While this area is defined at risk of avian influenza outbreaks high annually to influenza vaccination for poultry.

The important thing is that in this context but the local administrations and farmers to start prevention of avian influenza is very superficial, the mandarins. It can be said is very subjective. Disturbing than the most base of human resources in order to mobilize for the prevention (veterinary staff, the nurses ...) of this region are short and weak. Additional capacity does not meet the prevention. Thus, the cooperative will encounter in the early detection of active disease in poultry and in humans to encircle, sterilization, to avoid wide spread. This is not the first time and the lack of key personnel, ability and means of disease prevention in poultry and humans are exposed, is not the first time psychological neglect, disease prevention awareness be warned. In the past 5 years, must continue to confront the pandemic H5N1 and H1N1, respectively above the hole was exposed.
According to monitoring results of cholera Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology showed that the H5N1 strain virulence genes in late 2009 was many times higher than the H5N1 strain in 2004. In addition, this virus strain has spread very fast speed when conditions are favorable. It is particularly dangerous when on the outbreak, the mortality rate is very high, as occurs in real time in November 2009, the mortality rate is 100%.

Risk of influenza outbreaks in poultry and in humans is obvious. This time, the provincial functional departments also make recommendations and implement disease prevention. Local governments in high-risk areas should have specific measures to urgently reach deal on this dangerous diseases. And above all, need people to raise awareness, to avoid subjective prevention superficial.

Vietnam Deaths in Dien Bien 2009
My only entry for Dien Bien Province in 2009 in my list:

Adm: 11/26

Name: Vi Van Minh 23 yo

From: Ward Sam Mun, Dien Bien Phu, Dien Bien Province

Hospital: Dien Bien

Sym Onset: 11/18

Recon: 11/24 - Clinic

Notes: ate duck soup one week before onset. Poultry conf. on 10/21.

Confirmation: Positive

DOD: 11/30

Note: Minh’s Cousin died. Same pathological symptoms. Confirmed positive by Central Hygiene and Epidemiology Institute. Birds from both families positive for H5N1.

Two families of patients died from acute respiratory failure suspected of H5N1 in Luong Van Chua, from Panh mountain village, Thanh Luong commune, and Luong Thi Lau, from Xa Cuong mountain village, Pa Thom commune.

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