Saturday, December 18, 2010

#h5n1 #Egypt The death of three flu "pigs" and "bird" .. And receive 12 cases

Badakkhlipadakkhlip - Tariq Peace 18/12/2010 09:38:08 PM
Department of Health announced Dakahlia, today announced the death of three cases, people with the flu, one of whom was infected with bird flu, and the other two afflicted Balmostagdp known as swine flu , were also sent on 12 cases in hospitals in the province of Dakahlia, they showed symptoms of the disease.

She died today, three cases are: Muhammad Ali Samra (50 years) from a dead center Obokhald Ghamr, who is logged on the day in the hospital admitted Ghamr, and died immediately after his health deteriorated.
Also died Dina Mohamed Yousif Saleh (45 years), from the village of Kafr Bhidp dead center immersion, which entered the hospital on 8 of the current month, and announced her death today after the emergence of a positive sample flu emerging "pigs" on Dec. 16, in addition to the Abdul Rauf on ( 44 years old) from the center Qlapsho Belkas, who was held for the drug "Tamiflu", and found that the sample analyzed in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health central positive for bird flu and not for updates.
It is worth mentioning that the hospital received 12 cases of Mansoura sections of insulation are showing symptoms of influenza, and ongoing access to samples of patients to be sent to labs central Ministry of Health with the lack of infection.

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