Saturday, December 17, 2011

AI cases in Bali Down #h5n1 #birdflu

 Saturday, December 17 2011
DENPASAR-Bali Provincial Government claims to successfully deal with cases of bird flu this year so the decline in the number of cases and victims over the previous year.

"Management is handling the bird flu virus in Bali has been running very well so that it can suppress the number of cases and the victims," said Chief Medical Officer of Bali, I Nyoman Sutedja told reporters in Denpasar, on Saturday (12/17/2012).

With bird flu prevention management that is optimal, then the cases that arose during this sharp decline. Only, he's reluctant to mention the decrease in the percentage and number of cases of bird flu because it does not hold data but certainly there is a decrease.

Sutedja said the current developments in Bali recorded 57 cases are suspected. "2 people who died tested positive for bird flu during the year 2011," he added.

Against the suspect bird flu patients given Tamiflu them directly so that eventually all be helped.

Two people who died of bird flu from Bangli District since late to get treatment. The rest, says Suteja they can be handled properly. Now the concern is the monitoring of small traders.

They only have a few chickens at home but not well maintained so that potentially evil virus. He asserted, both Public Health and Animal Husbandry has also started to work a maximum of socialization, data collection, training farms to corporate governance. The goal, all farmers across the middle to upper
remote villages.

Despite a decline in cases, but it warned residents of possible outbreaks of the deadly virus. It might, terulangi bird flu attack again, if people do not obey the order and discipline within the existing rules such as maintaining the cleanliness of the chicken coop

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