Sunday, December 11, 2011

Korea: Livestock and Veterinary Office jeonnamdo livestock research report meeting held on the 13th


(Muan = News 1) goyoungbong reporter = Development of functional feed additives, animal studies, and eco-achievements of the year, two Gwangju gathered in one place.

Jeonnamdo Livestock and Veterinary Office in the 13 days of Agriculture and Technology Policy Advisory Committee, City.'s Livestock-related personnel and university professors, and beef, pork, duck farmers, and 50 people attended this year's farm income reported for the creation of eco-friendly livestock research having said that the 11th anniversary.

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) over U.S. beef imports as openness, feed value due to rising domestic livestock prices are falling dramatically and he's due to foot and mouth disease and avian influenza outbreaks in livestock held on the occasion of this difficult business has attracted the attention.

The report meeting the animal disease prevention and low-carbon green growth era to establish environmentally friendly livestock production systems to improve farm income through on-site grafting is expected to be an opportunity to promote.

Control measures for pathogenic avian influenza, particularly for the "duck farm for Disease Control and System Model 'and duck meat for the consumer product development custom gihoseong' mulberry and smoked duck with audio research and development 'and will be announced. The functional feed additives and systems development and related research are worth noting.

Offices held a report meeting after the animal can produce a research report distributed to relevant agencies and yangchuknongga and various journal articles, appearing yangchuknongga management guidelines and training materials for use as specifications plans.

Yunchangho jeonnamdo animal health business director, "We Livestock pest and livestock sanitary inspection, and legal backup unattended animal pest and livestock health business I'll do everything possible," said "In addition, acid and studies and management collaboration diversified research projects actively promoted by livestock Livestock farmers in the new energy service providers to be green, will inspire, "he said.

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