Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zoo authorities in Jharkhand prohibit visitors from going near enclosures #h5n1 #birdflu

Zoo authorities in Jharkhand prohibit visitors from going near enclosures

Ranchi , Sat, 17 Dec 2011ANI

Ranchi, Dec 17 (ANI): Authorities in Ranchi zoo prohibited the visitors from going near the enclosures after bird flu alert was sounded in the state.

The alert was made after the death of several crows in the state were reported after hundreds of crows were found dead in various parts of Jharkhand including Jamshedpur, Bokaro and Hazaribagh.
While interacting with the mediapersons on Saturday veterinary doctor at Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park, Ranchi, Dinesh Kumar said they recently found two dead crows in the biological park.

"As far as the death of birds is concerned we are receiving information about the death of crows but the reason of the death has not been confirmed by the officials. As far as I believe the crows are dying because of some mysterious disease. Our bird department is very big and there are several important birds that is why we are taking precautionary measures," said Kumar.

The zoo officials are doing everything to prevent the virus from infecting the birds and animals in the zoo. They have curbed the movement of the visitors and are disinfecting the cages of all the birds and animals.

"See the death of crows is a matter of concern that is why we are taking precautions and security measures, but we don't know how this disease will spread in other birds and humans. But the situation is worrisome," said P.K Verma, director of the Birsa zoo.

The zoo authorities are giving antibiotics and other supplements to increase the immunity of the birds

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