Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vietnam: $ 23 million to support avian flu, human flu


21/3, at the Capital Hotel Red River, the city of Vinh Yen (Vinh Phuc), Ministry of Health has organized conferences and workshops develop the project "Prevention of avian flu, human flu and the pandemic prevention in Vietnam "(VAHIP) from 2011 to 2014 period.

Phase 2 (2011-2014) was the Government, donors continue to support approval of additional funds $ 23 million (13 million 10 million in aid and loans).

The project aims to improve the efficiency of support measures by the Government of Vietnam, in an effort to minimize the risk of influenza infection in poultry and humans in the provinces to implement the project and prepared for medical case of a pandemic and strengthen inter-sectoral coordination between health and veterinary surveillance and disease prevention, preparedness for emerging diseases in the locality, particularly in the provinces under the direction of "One Health."

This project is a collaboration between health and agriculture and rural development. In particular, the agricultural component consists of 4 sub-components (A1: Strengthening veterinary services, A2: Strengthening control epidemics, A3: Epidemic surveillance and epidemiological investigation, A4: The Prevention emergency).

Health consists of 4 sub-components (B1: Capacity Building Monitoring System, B2: Strengthening the capacity and response to treatment in hospital, B3: Promoting behavior change communication and traditional risk , B4: Improving health system capacity reserve district, which focus on expanding investment model for district health centers in the provinces located in the project).

Speaking at the conference, an associate professor-Dr Nguyen Thanh Long, Deputy Minister of Health, highlighted this year on bird flu reoccurred again and complex changes, unpredictable, influenza A virus / H5N1 has turned our expression, there is no vaccine and drugs for specific treatment.

Under these circumstances, the Health Ministry determined to invest in upgrading the system of preventive medicine and treatment to be ready to respond to a pandemic of human influenza and other emerging diseases is one of the leading first love in the current period. /.

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