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Indonesia: Variety of Health Messages from MOH

Minister of Health for the entire message on the current Board of Health Mudik Lebaran
The readiness muster in the activities of the Health Sector in Current Mudik 2012/1433H Lebaran in Jakarta (9/8), the Minister of Health, dr. Nafsiah Mboi, Sp.A, MPH pass on some special message to all ranks who served in the current health Lebaran 2012.
"Act in a professional manner and comply with all the technical procedures of medical and public health", said Minister of Health
Furthermore, the Minister of Health expects that the whole range of health may act in an inclusive way coordination, communication and kejasama closely with various sectors concerned. In addition, it also acted quickly and appropriately in an effort to save human lives and improved public health.
There is the occasion, Minister also reminded that the whole range of health must always comply with all existing rules, to avoid legal sanctions. [continued]

The current Ministry of Health on preparedness support Mudik Lebaran 2012

Minister explained that in 2011, the number of traffic accidents increased 31 percent compared to the year 2010, ie from the 3633 event (2010) to 4744 events (2011). Although the number of travelers who had died from accidents decreased 9 percent, from 853 people (2010) to 779 (2011).
"In addition to accidents, traveling back and forth also at risk of food poisoning, diarrhea, acute respiratory infections (ARI) and other infectious diseases. Additionally, be aware of certain disease recurrence during the trip, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and asthma. Another thing to watch is a crime ", said Minister of Health.

Minister of Health emphasized that the current support from the Ministry of Health in 2012 Lebaran M/1433 H aims to provide health care to prevent the risk of morbidity, disability, death, and preventing disease risk factors, one of them through institutional capacity building in areas including health and emergency referral services.

Minister of Health Messages for the travelers Lebaran 2012
Facing the current Lebaran, the travelers are encouraged to make proper preparation and anticipation of risks that could come to threaten, especially the health risks, accidents and deaths.
To all travelers, Minister advocated for a health check before traveling in order to remain physically fit. In addition, prepared foods and drinks that clean and healthy enough and get enough rest while traveling.
This was conveyed by Minister of Health, dr. Nafsiah Mboi, Sp.A, MPH, on the activities of the Health Sector Preparedness Preparedness Apples Mudik Flows on page 2012/1433H Lebaran year the Ministry of Health, Jakarta (9/8).
Minister also reminded the travelers to stay clean da healthy life behavior (PHBs) in transit, for example, always wash hands with soap (CTPS) before eating / drinking, no littering, do not urinate / arbitrarily large, do not spit at random, not smoking in public places, and use masks to protect themselves from dust, smoke and pollution. [continued]

Healthy Bulletin - Special RS


Buletin Sehat – RS Bergerak

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