Friday, August 10, 2012

Vietnam: Do not leave yet quarantined poultry in areas

BLC) - It is the main content of Document No. 922/UBND - NN on strengthening the prevention of avian influenza, the provincial People's Committee has just issued.

Currently avian influenza are complicated in the country, so the Chairman asked:

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) coordinating the Department of Information and Communications, Broadcasting - Television province, News Feed, the departments concerned and people's committees of districts, towns increased Consolidate the propaganda campaigns for people and raising awareness, this is enough about the dangers of avian influenza.

Fully implemented, serious measures against the people in the right direction of MARD; strengthen checks and promptly detect and advise the PPC guidance and handle when outbreaks occur. Farmers are responsible for implementing measures to prevent and combat epidemics in the direction of civil authorities and to strictly professional job destruction when infected poultry outbreak in the province.

DARD director responsible to the Chairman in guiding and directing the deployment of measures to prevent, fight, handle zoning prevent disease in the province. Chairman of the district, town and actively using the industrial source of funding for agriculture economy and other legal sources of funds to deploy prevention; responsible to the Chairman of the measures implemented , husband, zoning prevent disease treatment in the district towns.

Chairman of the district: Sin Ho, Phong Tho, Muong Te direct administration of the communes and villages (a) propaganda, people committed to campaign opt shipping and trade birds of unknown origin, not through quarantine to coordinate with other agencies to strengthen inspection and control of trade, transport, import poultry and poultry products across borders, especially through the country quota shall be firmly decided to strictly handle all violations and exhibit in accordance with the law, not necessarily to poultry less than import quarantine in the province; responsible to Chairman referred to avian influenza occurred in areas under fierce fire in the deployment direction and negligence in the management.

DARD direct the Department of Animal Health, Department of Trade and Industry directed the Department of Management market and recommend Command Border Guard Army, Provincial Police, Customs Department gate Ma Lu Thang measures specific test, strictly control the sale and transportation of poultry and poultry products, was determined not to poultry and poultry products may be quarantined, unknown origin transported into the area consumption or transportation move consumption in other provinces.

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