Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vietnam: Alert Quang Binh: the risk of bird flu spread

As reported by the Veterinary Department of Quang Binh province, from 13/7, in the province of Quang Ninh and Le Thuy district bird flu appeared in a number of ducks.

Disinfectants, disinfection means the car went into service in Quang Ninh

Next is the local Bo Trach district, Quang Trach ... Since then, local and industry functions carried out stamping out enclosure and destroy sick poultry, implementing poultry vaccination. However, the service is in danger of spreading.

For those infected poultry, local governments and authorities quickly organized destruction in accordance with preventive procedures. As of today 7/8, the province has culled 35,000 birds (of which 31,000 ducks on the human, chicken, nearly 4,000 thousand). Also held for nearly 650,000 children vaccinated poultry on the 63 communes and townships of six districts.

According to veterinary offices, in Quang Ninh basic bird flu has been controlled and directed the district are local procedures followed to declare epidemic.However, in adjacent areas are Le Thuy district avian influenza situation goes on ... Specifically, 2 communes in China Trach Trach Complete (Trach district) has appeared on the chicken flu and Hung Quang (Quang Trach district) flu spread flock.

Pham Hong Son - The Director of Veterinary Quang Binh said: "On 1/8, some running at the same breeding flock in question, this Mexican (Hoa Thuy Commune); left untouched, the question (Social Security Cards - Le Thuy) is the phenomenon of illness died. The vaccination has been slow here, in these two communes, directed against the translation is not drastic. In addition, vaccination in Quang Trach district is also quite slow. "

Before the epidemic situation has tended complex, Nguyen Huu Hoai - The Chairman went to check the epidemic in some areas where there are epidemics.After examining the situation, he Hoai asked DARD to monitor the situation of avian influenza to take measures to encircle and destroy, not to control the epidemic. Veterinary Authority has accurately predicted vaccine to vaccinate all the Central Government for the province do not any good local, delay in the implementation of vaccination to severe criticism. The local service that has all it can do to declare epidemic procedure as prescribed.

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