Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vietnam: Commonground's 2012 Confirmed Human H5N1 Case List

[I decided to take another look at my personal list of human cases this year, after Dr. Nguyen Van Binh, Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Healths analysis:  that most people contract the disease by inhalation of infected poultry feces.  I'm not seeing anything that is driving that theory in the list below.]

Hau Giang Province
Date:  1/19
Name:  N 18 yo male
From:  Kien Giang Province.  Employed in Hau Giang.  Duck Farmer
Adm:  1/10 Kien Giang Hospital, sent specimen out.   (WHO: 1/14)
Onset:  1/10
DOD:  1/19  (WHO:  1/16)
Notes: (test results received 1/17).  Exposed to ducks.
WHO Update  1/20/12
Confirmed:  Positive   

Soc Trang Province
Date:  2/1/12
Name:  Female (26) Pregnant
From:  ti p B1,Tan Thanh Commune, District: Thanh Tri
Onset:  1/23 fever, cough
Adm:  1/25 Bac Lieu Province.  Treated with Oseltamivir on 1/227.
Recon:  1/23 Thanh Tri district hospital
DOD:  1/28
Notes:   (test results received 1/30).  Patient was slaughtering and eating infected meat, in areas of sick dead poultry.  Samples from newborn infant tested negative.
WHO Update 2/8/12
Confirmed:  Positive

Name:  Husband of Female (26) above
Adm:  Bac Lieu Province Hospital
Sym’s:  Cough, fever

Name:  Baby (c-section) of Female (26) above
Adm:  Bac Lieu Province Hospital
Diagnosis:  pneumonia caused by amniotic infection
Confirmed:  Negative
Notes:  List of contacts of Female (26) confirmed/deceased above, are receiving medical monitoring and Tamiflu.

Thanh Hoa Province
Date:  3/5/12
Name:  22yo male
From:  Binh Duong Province. 
Onset:  2/17
Sought Care:  2/21
Adm:  2/23 ICU
Recon:  Hospital in town Vu Cap in Di An
Notes:  Received Tamiflu upon admission. Received Test results 2/25/12.
Still currently in hospital (3/5/12). Close contacts of case with fever received prophylaxis & are being monitored.  All have been confirmed negative for H5N1 by PCR.
Home on 2/8  from school/work in Binh Duong Province where a University is located.  Home for Tet when he got sick.  Ate duck.  On 2/25 they went to his location in Thu Dau Mot and decontaminated his room & the medical facility he was at.  Also took samples of 100 poultry. Home on 2/8  from school/work in Binh Duong Province where a University is located. WHO Update 3/5/12
Confirmed:  Positive

Dak Lak Province
Name:  31yo male
From:  Dak Lak
Onset:  2/29/12
Sought care:  2/29/12
Adm:  3/4.  Diagnosed with viral  pneumonia.
Adm:  3/5 transferred.  Currently being treated 3/5/12.
Notes:  Man involved in slaughter and consumption of sick poultry.  No close contacts have reported respiratory symptoms.
Confirmed:  Positiv

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