Friday, October 19, 2012

Indonesia: Government Asked to Handle Bird Flu More Seriously

October 19, 2012

JAKARTA- The case of H5N1 bird flu that has been going on since 2005 seems to have stopped in 2012. Of 198 cases recorded 158 of them were killed. To that end, the Director of Research and Investigations Indonesia Recoplan Research Institute, Daniel Pago Sitohang, asked the government to be more serious in handling this deadly virus. The reason for this government seemed cool calm handling cases of bird flu.   "To that end, the government through the Ministry of Health (MoH) has to work extra in dealing with these problems," Daniel said when contacted by reporters on Friday (10/19/2012). Daniel said, in dealing with the bird flu virus is when the government gets grants from several countries and international institutions. fact, he said, like what happened in Tangerang, referring to the decision of the Minister of Health of Indonesia No. Rebublik. 23 / Minister / SK / II / 2009, concerning the implementation of the pilot project of bird flu control. "In July 2012 there was another bird flu yesterday so that makes the victim was killed.  [[Original:  "Pada Juli 2012 kemarin flu burung ada lagi sehingga membuat korbannya tewas"] [Toggletext:  In July 2012 yesterday bird flu was again so as to make his casualties be killed]  If it has been running a pilot project might not be like this," he said. According to him, the pilot bird flu control project in 2010 did not succeed and there is a tendency for corruption. "Though funds coming from international agencies have received grants and made ​​the state budget," he added. Moreover, Daniel suggested that the government should socialize treatment, and prevention of bird flu still running. "MoH should think how bird flu cases in Indonesia not to happen," he concluded. (ugo)

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